The area was first founded in 1787 by Ottawa and Pottawattamie Native American
tribes who named the land, "Ni-Ko-Nong," or "beautiful sunsets."
July events
July 3 Fireworks
July 4 Parade
July 4-5 Annual Art Fair
July 4 Art Fair in Saugatuck
July 4 Fireworks in Saugatuck
July 10-11 Evening Cook-outs in the Vineyard
July 11 Garden Walk
July 16 Evening at the Dunes
July 18 Dingy Parade
July 18 Grape Jam Vineyard Music Fest
July 18 Fish Boil
July 24-26 Venetian Festival in Saugatuck
July 25 Harvest County Farm Fest
July 25 Blueberry Bash at Stokes Homestead
July 31 Art Exhibit
July 31 Pianist May Phang in Concert
July 31 Evening Cook-Out in the Vineyard
Riverfront Concerts
FENN Valley
South Haven Center for the Arts
National Blueberry Festival
National Blueberry Festival
August 6-9
August Events
August 1 – 2 Annual Quilt Show
August 1 Women’s Vintage Baseball
August 1 Evening Cook-Out in the Vineyard
August 6-9 Blueberry Festival
August 8 – 9 Crafts Fair
August 8 Fish Boil
August 15 Boat Walk
August 15 4th Lakeshore Harvest
Country Bike Tour
August 28 The Merling Trio in Concert
Summer means Sherman's Ice Cream
Travel East on Phoenix Road to enjoy 57 flavors of Sherman’s Ice Cream. Just look for the big blue cow grazing on top of their building.
Grandpa Sherman started the business back in 1916 with a small herd of dairy cattle and delivered milk in a horse drawn wagon to homes. The business thrived and in the 1950’s they started making ice cream. It is still made the same way, one batch at a time without high tech equipment.
Evergreen Lane Farm
The Halinskl’s story begins with a single runaway goat bursting into their lives – and rooms - and has blossomed over the years into a thriving cheese making business. Visitors can play with the kids and their resident retiree goats, watch the cheese being made, sample and purchase.
Vine ripened tomatoes are one of harvests chief joys. We all cherish that just ripened rosy heirloom treasure, still warm from the sun, eaten out of hand, simply sprinkled with sea salt; or enjoy popping jewel colored miniatures into our mouths like candy.
Our favorites:
• Lollipops
• Mortgage Lifter
• Yellow Pear
• Cherokee Purple
Heirloom seeds can be found at:
Remember lots of sun, water sparingly and leave the green tops on.
South Haven
Carriage House
at the Harbor
118 Woodman Street
South Haven, Michigan 49090
(269) 639-2161